What I do

I help businesses and decision-makers to enable innovation, create and deliver meaningful product & service experiences, define their ideal futures, transform their organisations and develop sustainable design capability through a process of design research, strategic design and design thinking.

An experienced practitioner and design leader, I've been working in design for digital products & services since the nascent days of the web, delivering countless projects for a huge number of clients spanning a range of industries across the UK and Australia.


I provide strategic design, research and design leadership services following a tried and tested approach in alignment with Design Thinking principles and processes.

Strategy & Transformation

Whether it’s to deliver an exciting new product or service experience, or to completely transform the way you do business, I’ll help you to explore and define your ideal future and develop a robust, pragmatic digital strategy, tailored to meet your specific goals and objectives within the unique context of your business, maximising your assets and the latest technology trends in order to help you engage appropriately and successfully with your customers and teams.

  • Business case development
  • Digital strategy
  • Experience visioning
  • Strategic roadmap development
  • Value proposition
  • Trends analysis and reporting

Research, Insight & Testing

Great strategies, services and product designs always start with a deep understanding of your business, it’s customers and the problems to be solved. I’m well versed in workshop facilitation and the application of qualitative and quantitative research techniques to undertake generative and/or evaluative research as necessary, challenging assumptions, building empathy and discovering actionable insights and recommendations.

  • Stakeholder research
  • Generative user research
  • Usability testing and heuristic analysis
  • Behavioural segmentation and persona creation
  • Design sprint facilitation

Design & Prototyping

I’ll partner closely with you to co-design, prototype, test and refine appropriate digital products & services that solve for the complex challenges that you, your organisation and your customers face, ensuring solutions are desirable, viable and feasible to maximise their impact, value and sustainability.

  • Content strategy
  • Design systems
  • Digital product design
  • Information architecture (IA)
  • Interaction design (IxD)
  • MVP design and validation
  • Usability testing
  • User experience (UX) design
  • User interface (UI) design

Design Leadership & Training

As consumer expectations regarding simple, delightful products and services continues to rise, the appreciation and demand for good design is greater than ever. Businesses are increasingly looking to build in-house teams but can struggle to foster the culture, structure and processes required to allow them to deliver significant value. I’ll help you to accelerate the establishment of high-performing design team within your organisation through leadership, consultancy, training and capability building.

  • Mentoring and coaching teams
  • Co–creation of values & design principles
  • Design of design team structure
  • Establishing organisational design culture
  • Professional development frameworks
  • Design system creation and management

Clients commonly come to me for:

Defining an ideal future

I help organisations and decision-makers to uncover the ideal future for their business, their customers and the planet by translating research insights into actionable plans and meaningful solutions and experiences.

Product & service design

I have vast experience in assisting clients to conceive, create, test and improve digital products and services, from design research and concept sketching in co-design workshops through to wireframes, high-fidelity designs and prototype testing.

Workshop facilitation

Successful workshop planning and facilitation is an art form that takes craft and experience. I've helped countless clients to run successful research, co-design and design sprint workshops that maximise value and outcomes.

Building a design practice

I help organisations to establish and build design teams, develop creative cultures and put in place the structures, rituals and principles necessary to accelerate the formation of a sustainable, high-performing design team.

Training & mentorship

I've built, nurtured, inspired and led high-performing, self-managing, experiment-led design teams that solve genuine customer problems across both agency and corporate environments. I love to help teams flourish and unlock their full potential.

Strategic design

Strategic design defines an approach to solving complex problems by investigating and understanding the root cause, gathering insights to help define or re-frame the problem and then exploring and testing a range of possible solutions in the pursuit of answers and opportunities for innovation.

I follow a deeply human-centred, collaborative and lean, experimental approach that closely aligns with the Design Council's framework for innovation which "...helps designers and non-designers across the globe tackle some of the most complex social, economic and environmental problems." The framework centres around their famous Double Diamond methodology which describes the process of exploring problems widely and deeply as "divergent thinking" before then taking focused action - "convergent thinking".

The Framework for Innovation double diamond diagram is shown below and you can find out more about this approach and methodology at the Design Council's website.

The Double Diamond Model

Client partners

This is just a few of the wonderful organisations I've had the pleasure to work with. See more on the work page.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics
The Alfred Hospital
Beyond Blue
The British Museum
Deakin University
Film Victoria
Origin Energy
The Red Cross
The Women's Hospital
World Vision