Benjamin Tollady

Benjamin Tollady

User experience designer

I'm a user experience & user interface designer from Oxford, living & working in Melbourne, Australia. I'm co-founder & UX director at Thirst Studios.

About me

I'm a user experience designer, usability consultant & user interface designer hailing from Oxford, now living and working in Melbourne, Australia. I'm also the user experience director & co-founder of UX design studio, Thirst Studios. I'm one of those irritating people you've heard about that do what they love every day and get to call it a job.

A qualified industrial designer, I've been applying my skills and interest in human factors, HCI and the relationship between people and products to my work in design for the web since the mid nineties. I'm passionate about developing useful, simple, easy-to-use online experiences that are a pleasure to use.

I've worked on a range of projects over the years, from online marketing and small brochure sites to large enterprise-level transactional web applications and complex systems.

Ben Tollady - UX designer, Melbourne

Whatever the project I'll always employ a user-centred design approach, which means I stay focused on the specific needs of your audience throughout the design process.

Some of the things I've worked on have won awards, which is nice but not important; I'm more proud that the things I put out into the world are of use and help make people's lives that little bit better.

Aside from my work at Thirst, I also co-curate a regular technology meet-up in Melbourne and occasionally speak and write about online experience design techniques and technologies.

I used to play the drums but haven't done that much lately. I'm learning to surf instead.

My work

Melbourne Geek Night

Melbourne Geek Night is a bi-monthly social event that constitutes an informal get-together for people who work in the web industry around Melbourne to catch-up, have a yarn, share ideas and talk about new techniques and technologies.

This is the accompanying site that serves as a noticeboard and repository of past event details. Apart from being very pretty it's responsive too, so check it out on your 'phone!



We developed our own email marketing tool - Campaignr - based on the amazing Campaign Monitor email campaign software in late 2011.

Not satisfied with the user experience offered by a 'typical' re-brand implementation (that requires email contact requesting registration) we developed a clever immediate-sign-up-and-log-in system that allows prospective customers to get in and start using the system straight away, without breaking their workflow.


Prop Connect

No link for this one!

PropConnect is an online platform for connecting property developers with sales networks for the purpose of selling property.

We produced the initial concept interface designs for their online application; a system to help developers and agents keep track of their projects and communicate easily and efficiently.



Draculas Newman Entertainment, the company behind the popular Dracula’s cabaret restaurants, asked us to re-design and re-develop their site during 2011.

The objective was to not only update the look and feel of the interfaces, but to bring together their entire suite of properties under one easy-to-maintain url (they had previously maintained a number of sites servicing two restaurants, a shop, photo downloads and the haunted house).

We were required to bring together all of these elements in a way that was easy for staff to maintain, usable and logical to navigate for their visitors and integrated with their internal booking system, running on ‘filemaker’ to allow for eCommerce and online booking integration.


Medicare Local

Medicare Local is a community consultation portal that is designed to empower the community to champion healthcare initiatives from the grass roots.

The approach we developed for Medicare Local utilises user-generated, community-sourced insights, ideas and initiatives to inform the development of new and improved healthcare services for the local region.

The site provides a straightforward experience where ideas can be uploaded easily, commented on, and 'liked'. There is a good set of community guidelines on the site that steers responsible on-line community participating, and the site hosts a blog which also contributes to a Twitter feed.


RU Stranded

RU Stranded hopes to be a leading global online data services provider that supplies critical information about services, individuals and supplies during times of emergency and disaster. Their aim is to provide people affected by such events with vital information in times of need.

We helped RU Stranded design and develop a simple web-based application that cleverly combines complex features provided by Twitter and Google Maps, to allow visitors to effortlessly communicate and help one another when disaster strikes.


Jane Kennedy

Jane Kennedy loves food, both cooking it and eating it. But Jane can’t eat anything she wants to. That’s because she gets FAT. In "Fabulous Food, Minus the Boombah", Jane shares more than 80 great recipes that are fast, fresh and bursting with flavour. They will also make you feel fantastic.

Hardie Grant approached us to design and develop the site to accompany Jane's cook book, "Fabulous Food, Minus the Boombah", incorporating great imagery used across both the print and electronic versions of the publication.


My Grandma's Kitchen

My Grandma's Kitchen is a children's picture book and cookbook written by Louise Fulton-Keats, granddaughter of Margaret Fulton - Australia's best known and most popular cookery writer. The book features a fun rhyming story and whimsical illustrations, along with 30 of Margaret Fulton's much-loved recipes.

We helped Louise develop an interactive, fun design for the website, using artwork, textures and illustrations from the book.


The Buchan Group

The Buchan Group (TBG) is a leading international architecture firm with offices in Australia, New Zealand, London and Dubai. They are one of the largest architectural groups in Australasia and are well known for their innovative integrated design solutions across a diverse range of projects, including mixed use, retail, entertainment, hotel, residential, commercial, civic, education and health.

We had the great pleasure of working with The Buchan Group in 2011 to completely re-design the user experience, user interface design and information architecture of their online presence to be much more representative of the company’s quality of work and expertise.

From a technical perspective, the implementation of a customised Expression Engine content management system (CMS) provided the team with a much easier to use, full-featured CMS.


Thirst Studios

My UX company's website!

Thirst Studios is a small user experience design team based in Melbourne, Australia. We help organisations create and improve online products through research, strategy and design. In essence, we make simple, creative, easy-to-use online experiences that are a pleasure to use.


Mary & Max

We developed this engaging, animated site to promote Academy-Award winning director, Adam Elliot’s brilliant feature-length claymation movie, 'Mary and Max'.

The site makes extensive use of Adobe’s flash technology to provide an interactive experience that reflects the wonderful movement and 'feel' of the film. With such beautiful artwork we really couldn’t go wrong!


Metis Property

Metis is the leader in full service Australian property investment, with a focus on high capital growth investment opportunities in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

We worked closely with Metis to develop the strategy for their suite of online properties, including their website and a business-to-business online application, to facilitate the easy management of property developments and clear communication between their customers and development partners.


Publication Solutions

Integrated Publication Solutions (IPS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fairfax Media Ltd, which offers complete business solutions for publishers from printing to sales.

Fairfax Media Ltd. approached us in 2011 to help them design and develop the IPS website to help support their dedicated, expert team in managing their extensive (and growing) suite of excellent publications throughout Australia and New Zealand.


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