Whereis products

May 22nd, 2008

I'm pleased to announce that the 'mini' site I built for Whereis has gone live. "Whereis products(The whereis products minisite)":http://www.whereis.com/products/ explains some of the new features at the recently launched new whereis.com, as well as explaining how you can make use of whereis' maps across a range of products including mobile and in-car GPS devices.

I built the site from scratch in (x)HTML and CSS to be as standards-compliant and accessible as the design would allow.

The help pages that I authored for Whereis are also now live over at the "Whereis main site(Whereis mapping website)":http://www.whereis.com/. You'll need to click the 'help' button in the top right and then the 'Help contents' links to find it.

Stay tuned for details of the flash demo videos and associated player that I built for Whereis too. It's not live just yet...