The Best Job In The World

January 14th, 2009

As usual it's been a busy few months here at BTD, having spent most of my time of late working with a fantastic team over at "Cummins Nitro": on a really interesting project - "The Best Job In The World":

The site launched this week and has already had a phenomenal response, with "a rush of dream job hopefuls causing the site to crash in just two days of it's release":,28318,24911857-27982,00.html.

Besides looking great with a nice design, great imagery and smooth flash work there's a lot going on 'under the hood'. This is easily the biggest site I have worked on in terms of 'whistles and bells'. It makes use of over 30 scripts, libraries, frameworks, plugins and API's, and just how the team enabled all of these to work in harmony across the site whilst still adhering to web standards is really quite an achievement!

Hats off to Matt, Horia, Glen, Anton and Mark. Great work, guys.